About us

PoSH Event Services is unique…

We are a double-division company; two divisions to give you greater service.

The Tradeshow division:

All Convention Services

Graphics, Signage and Wayfinding
Entrance Treatments
Corporate Events/ Gala’s

Sure, we can set a 600 booth show with clean lines, superior equipment and a ton of experience. But that is where most other companies stop.  PoSH Event Services also creates one-of-a-kind events complete with entertainment, props, décor, centerpieces and out-of-this-world themes!

The Events Division:

All Event Types
Theme Design
Custom Fabrication
Prop Design/Rental

Patricia S. Holstein has spent over 30 years in the trade show industry as a professional event planner and decorator. In 1997 Pat founded PoSH Event Services to put her experience to the test. Now, over 14 years later, PoSH is doing more trade shows, more conventions and creating more unique events than ever before!

Our company excels at two major points where our competitors fall short:

We make it personal and we bring creativity to the table.

We know that the show, the event –even the details are personal. You want your event to look a certain way, to run a certain way and to have a certain feel. We get that. We want that too. And, we have over 300 clients who agree that we deliver on that score. When you work with PoSH your event gets the personal attention it needs.
Our personal attention is enhanced when it comes to creativity. Our award winning Design Team can weave creativity into every task we perform. From our FloorPlans, Entrance Units and Registration Counters to our Custom Props, Themes and Centerpieces; we make it creative, unique and memorable.