Corporate Events

So, you’re under the gun to top last year’s event for your sales team, service department or client base and you are stuck with a tired old tropical theme like “surfing for sales” to work with?

Don’t worry, We can help.

We’ve had over fifteen years experience helping people just like you breathe new life into their corporate event. With custom props, one-of-a-kind décor elements and a creative team working around the clock to come up with amazing themes, whatever the details, PoSH is here to help. PoSH can make your Annual Sales meeting Inspire, your Client luncheon Impress and your New Product seminar Inform. Whatever your event, whatever the theme, we can handle it.

We can work with any venue or facility to transform your space into a motivating and exciting environment. With a huge selection of props, centerpieces and equipment, our team can equip you with the means to make your event more talked about than anything else at the water cooler.
Our multi-state reach allows us to service clients in multiple locations or with multiple venues. We can travel with your event, travel to your event or set up in multiple locations so as to provide seamless continuity for you and your message.  We understand that effective communication is one key to improving your business; PoSH can turn that key and improve your business as a result.

Take a moment (for the sake of your own sanity!) to click around and see what we have to offer. Who knows? It might even get you that raise!